Friday, April 4, 2014

What exactly is the Difference between New and “Refurbished” Products?

After hearing the word “refurbished,” you think of used and worn out items that have a diminished life cycle. Words such as recycled or re-purposed pop into our heads, but this is not what manufacturers actually do with their products. Although the pricing structure is a difference of anywhere between 20-60% for a refurbished product as compared to a new product, there can be little to no difference between the 2 (and sometimes the refurbished product can even be better.)

When a customer returns a product, it cannot be sold as new due to legality issues. Whether the item is touched or untouched (such as a shelf pull), it must be marked as a refurbished item which results in a price reduction. Refurbished products will also include products that have cosmetic damage during shipping, products that have been stocked incorrectly and products that have been used as demonstrators, resulting in a drop in price.

A lot of refurbished items are actually completely reworked and shipped backed to the manufacturer for second-step refurbishment process. The product will be completely dismantled to all the materials’ original states and rebuilt to the specs of a new product. The manufacturer will then verify the unit works by putting the refurbished product through a series of tests to check its functionality. Once the product has passed the functional tests, it will be packed and shipped to refurbishment channels.

The caveat of buying refurbished products is the return and warranty process will be generally sold as is with no return policy. Refurbished products must be sold in working condition or marked with a general statement of the defects that occurred before the part was reworked. However, most manufacturers will offer a limited warranty or service contracts on the refurbished items they sell.

This is the case here at CoreCentric Solutions, Inc., where we specialize in appliance parts refurbishment as well as small appliance refurbishment. Every part we perform repairs on is done the same way each and every time, as our technicians follow detailed work instructions and processes to ensure consistency and quality. Each of our parts and products comes with a minimum of a 90 day warranty, with some even having lifetime warranties. We create value in purchasing refurbished appliance parts that can sometimes work beyond the life of a new part. Whether you are having problems with your current appliances or are looking to purchase a new ceiling fan or refrigerator, look to CoreCentric Solutions, Inc. to create value for you. 

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  1. I didn't know that you could actually purchase refurbished parts for appliances. My washing machine has been having problems and the parts are really expensive. It seems like looking into refurbished parts would be beneficial.