Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recycle Your Old Electronic and more

Each year, Americans throw out 3 million tons of electronic waste, more than any other country. Most of this waste ends up in landfills and incinerators. These traditional methods of waste disposal have one big flaw: they release their contents into the environment. Landfills produce leachate, a mixture of rainwater and dissolved waste. Incinerators burn their waste, releasing harmful gasses and particulates.

These methods of waste disposal are especially dangerous when electronic waste is among the trash. Circuit boards, batteries, bulbs and motors contain harmful toxins and carcinogens. For example, the control board in your major appliance might contain Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, or Beryllium Oxide. When these boards are thrown out, these harmful substances make their way into the environment as leachate and smog. There has to be another way!

The excellent phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” holds true here. Most of the components found in electronic waste are recyclable! Because of the high demand for electronics in general, recycled materials are used by many manufacturers. In addition, some companies, like CoreCentric Solutions, recycle the whole control board.

Recycling old electronics helps the environment and the economy. Instead of tossing your old appliance parts in the trash, Think Green and recycle. It’s easy! Just take your old part to one of our many recycling centers. You can find a list of appliance part recycling locations here.

Saturday October 27, 2012 CoreCentric Solutions is sponsoring a Recycling Extravaganza at their main facilities at 175 Wall St, Glendale Heights, IL. Here from 9 am thru 1 pm you can drop off your electronics, light bulbs, powertools and more to recycle. There will even be a free secure paper shredding service available. For more info visit

When it’s time to buy another part, Think Green and buy remanufactured parts. These components are made to meet or exceed OEM standards and even come with a warranty. You can find hundreds of these parts and more information here.