Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Effectively Clean Your Oven Using the Self-Clean Mode

After several hundred meals ranging from Thanksgiving turkey to frozen pizza, your oven collects all kinds of debris that can be a headache (and backache) to thoroughly clean. The self-cleaning mode on your oven is a neat little function that saves a lot of time while avoiding using chemical-based cleaners around food preparation areas.

So how does self-cleaning actually work? Essentially, the cleaning mode raises the temperature of your oven well over 800 degrees to create an extreme atmosphere in which food particles and debris cannot withstand. During this cycle, the debris eventually either dissipates or reduces to an ash-like consistency that can be easily removed with a damp cloth. If you haven’t cleaned your oven in a while, or used the self-cleaning feature, follow these simple steps to get your unit sparkling clean once again.

                        Preparation - 

a.       Make the job a little easier for your oven by peeking into the unit to look for any large debris that could pose as a problem during the cycle. Not only does it make the cleaning process easier for the oven, but it will also prevent excessive smoke from being released into your home.
b.      Some manufacturers recommend leaving the oven racks while others do not. The high temperature may cause the shiny finish on the racks to become dull after a self-cleaning cycle. If you are unsure, check your owner’s manual.

Watch out for Flammables! - 

a.       Your oven is about to be heated to a very high level. Take extra precaution by removing all flammable items within your oven’s immediate proximity. Also, keep an eye out for children and pets!

Lock It Up! - 

a.       Ovens that have a self-cleaning mode have a locking mechanism that prevents the oven from being opened during the cycle to prevent any injury from the extreme heat. Check your owner’s manual to determine if your oven door automatically locks or needs to be manually latched.

Fire It Up! - 

a.       After you have your oven door properly secured, it is time to fire it up! Start the self-cleaning cycle and be sure to turn your overhead fan on as well.
b.      The exhaust fan will help prevent excessive smoke and the burning smell from escaping into your home as the debris is burned off, however, it is normal for an oven to smoke during this cycle. Opening a few windows nearby in addition to the exhaust fan helps as well.

Self Cleaning Time - 

a.       Let the oven do its work! Your oven will soon heat up to over 800 degrees incinerating all the debris in your unit. The running time varies by manufacturer and model so if you are unsure, check your owner’s manual.
b.      DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TRY TO OPEN YOUR OVEN DURING THIS CYCLE! Self-cleaning ovens have the locking feature for your safety – to protect you from the extreme temperature it achieves during the cycle. The cycle time may be more than 4 hours so be patient and do not try to rush the process by opening the door. It can severely injure you and those around you.

Cool Down - 

a.       After the cycle is complete, your oven will most likely remain locked during the cool down period. The oven will take some time to return to a safe temperature so be sure to allow ample time.

Clean Up - 

a.       Now that your oven has returned to a safe temperature you can complete the final step of the cleaning process. Simply take a damp cloth and wipe down all surfaces in the inside of the oven. You will find that all debris has been reduced to a dust consistency that is very easy to remove.

The self-cleaning feature is a great way to keep your oven debris free without excessive scrubbing. If only all appliances had this nifty little feature.
If the self-cleaning function, or any function, does not seem to be working properly you may need to have a repair technician come take a look at your unit.
Occasionally, oven units will need to have their control board replaced to bring them back to working order. If the part is no longer available for purchase, try CoreCentric Solutions’ Return for Repair service, or visit CoreCentric's eBay Store to breathe new life back into your old unit! Our fast turnaround time of 24-48 hours gets your oven back up and running in no time while avoiding a costly appliance replacement. Call 866-737-2244 for more information on our Return for Repair service.