Friday, April 4, 2014

Maximize the Value of your Fitness Equipment
Your workout equipment should be a top priority just as you would prioritize your health and fitness. Once you make that investment into an expensive piece of workout equipment like a treadmill, you want to maintain that value over the life of the product. If problems arise, you do not want to have to deal with the expensive replacement of the entire machine. Therefore, replacing the part is the better option when fixing your workout equipment, thus saving you a ton of time and money.

Factors when Choosing Workout Equipment
The life span of your workout equipment is completely predicated on how well you take care of it. When talking in terms of treadmills, you will be paying roughly $1800-$2000 for a nice unit. This will more than likely last you anywhere from 7-10 years, but that all depends on how well you take care of the equipment.
Your workout equipment is vulnerable to external factors, such as electrical wiring and connectors. They can short out for a variety for reasons, including power surges in your electrical system. Water damage can enter your unit as well, causing an accelerated depreciation of parts that will need replacement sooner. Another problem that can occur could be the buildup of dirt and grime on vital components on your workout equipment. Stationary pieces may need to be cleaned and replaced because of the damage caused by the grime and rusting of different parts.
You will also need to evaluate which brand of workout equipment you purchase. Different brands have a variation of life cycles, and you must choose your equipment wisely. Not always will the cheapest product be the best choice. Replacing parts, upkeep, and other factors such as depreciation will go into your decision of choosing the correct product. Do your research when investing in an expensive piece of workout equipment.

Replacing Worn Out and Depreciated Parts
In some circumstances, your machine begins to show signs of malfunctioning, damaging, and accelerating depreciation. Now you have the decision of either replacing the broken part with new or remanufactured parts or spending another $1800-$2000 to invest in a whole new piece of equipment. You can look to CoreCentric Solutions, Inc. to buy parts that are very cost effective. It is not necessary to spend your money for a brand new unit when there are still plenty of years left on your current piece of equipment. Through a quality supplier, you can access a wide selection of parts that will make your treadmill running smoothly once again.

Replacement parts include consoles, control boards, power lifts, and other small parts that operate your treadmill effectively. If you have any questions with what part you need to have replaced, you can look in your owner’s manual to find the part number. There are also great tips to save you money on your long-term investment.  If you have any other questions about your unit, you can contact your supplier for more details on your machine or installation details. 

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